And I have done…

The rearranging mentioned below. I pushed the other sonnets downward and brought the entire Xerex series up so it would be in line with its new member.

Also I have put all the forward/backward links in that series and the most recent work, and gone most of the way through august when I got tired of it.

Also, I have found a nice way to permalink entries regardless of where they are moved: You can create a unique tag for that entry, i.e. 0wa9ehjf9o8efj, or something along those lines. That might be a better thing to do regarding links, I believe, because if I use those, for the forward/back links, then if I again decide to move entries around it won’t be quite as difficult to get everything working the way it should again.

Also: I have been toying around with the idea of making a unique tag for each entry and one unique to the into along with its sonnet. That would give one the ability to scroll though sonnets, intros, by themselves as well as by pairs as is currently the objective of the current undertaking.

I may be complicating things too much. And, as an old hand, I realize how simple it would be to implement these things if I had access to the back end of the site, so to speak. So it might be a waste of time, because I may at some point use and host somewhere else. Or even hosted elsewhere–which I believe is another possibility.

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