Sonnet III: Sublime

Express, shall I, what nature, perfect, is?
Thine every fibre, doth it answer me;
And giveth, every answer, what thou wilt;
But shalt thou, my reflection, never be.

So shall my sweet surround, make perfect bliss;
Thine answer’s twist doth make mine arms surround;
And maketh gather up, and without guilt,
Again, to make this circle thus abound.

I promise then, that wheresoever this,
Our passion, taketh thee beyond the world;
Thine answer, sweetest, never to be spilt,
No matter, gathered up, where art thou hurled.

Wherever then, I pledge, that dost thou sway;
So fast, mine hold, wilt not thou twist away.

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Intro 3: Instinct

Every twist and turn
Makes me hold you more tightly.
You can’t get away.

You know you are safe.
No matter where you may go.
I have to hold on.

Twist and slide, knowing
That I can always find you.
You can not get lost.

We are made this way.
Like hand and glove we are made.
That’s how well we fit.


Sonnet III: Footsteps

So glorious thou walked upon this path;
For once I knew when saw thy footsteps there;
When followed each, so taken me it hath
To far beyond such lands within my care.

What mysteries upon this land I see;
So curious thy fruit as here doth grow;
That first appeareth, here beneath some tree,
To change when I extend my hand to know.

So shall I follow once to see such things;
And yet again to see how these are grown;
And even more to see what harvest brings;
And stay to learn this bounty of my own.

When even as I reap what thou hast taught;
Yet still I study close what thou hast wrought.

  • Reading Lady Day
    To study her metaphors;
    Here are some I learned.

This sonnet is part of a short sequence; click here to read it all: