Confession 1: Let’s Talk About Eating Disorders

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Imagine being trapped in a bubble under water, being afraid that it could burst any minute and you will drown. That’s one way to describe the state that people with Eating Disorders are in, at least it was how I felt. I wanted to share my story with you, on how I got sick, how I felt while I was sick and how I recovered…

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Thank you very much for sharing this inspiring story. My dearest sweetest love resembles most, among your delightful collection of celebrities, Miss Kardashian, sans what I believe is called of late the “potty mouth.” When we catch a glimpse of this lovely young woman, we make sure the TV is well and truly muted, and then all becomes much more enjoyable!

Sonnet: Lost

Here! the poet’s immortal spirit take.
Though long I have betrayed its inner voice,
And wrote, instead, of love, indeed of choice.
I preached the lie of joy. And though I wake

At night to dreams so horrible they make
Me scream for mercy to a God whose Joys
I shall not ever know; could I rejoice
In some God’s misery for His own sake?

I criticized that fool; yet I am he.
The very fool who lives with naught but grief.
My shallow, poet’s soul shall always be
A measure of society’s belief.
I’ve fought this ugly truth to my last breath;
With nothing to look forward to, save death.

Sonnet: Busy

Can I look, can I listen, can I speak?
Can I stop, can I walk, or can I run?
Can I fetch, can I put, or am I done?
Can I drop, can I gather, may I seek?

Will I lead, will I later, will I sneak?
Will I first, will I last, or will I shun?
Will I few, will I lots, or have I none?
Will I feed, will I wallow, am I bleak?

Must I find, must I forfeit, must I do?
Must I know, must I guess, or must I now?
Must I brave, must I cower, should I bow?
Must I glow, must I grimace, am I blue?

If I may, am I dower, did I stray?
Can I pray, for more hours, in the day?