Sonnet III: (triadic line)

If I did not describe my heart
how it yearns for you how it
quickens at every sight of you

every instant when I first hear
your voice if I did not write of
how it races when you come near

that it has skipped when you
have touched me that it pounds
with the expectation of your

touch every beat so hard that it
shakes my body enough for you
to see if I chose to keep the

secret of its quiet rhythm in
the morning when I wake how long
I have lain quietly amazed as our

hearts beat in perfect synchrony
that I wondered how many minutes
would pass before their rhythms

diverged every word withheld as
I lay down my pen and lock it
away with its barren white sheets

if I swore not to describe my
heart would it stop beating

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All your spirits are low
and the tears are hot
on your checks

then I would do anything
in my power
to give you peace.


If I could write today
if I could fool the Gods
as they sleep

into thinking that your voice
speaks through my hand
for one brief moment

to give you rest
to buy you time
then I would write today.