Intro 4: Please Live

I wish the best for
Thee, and all that life may bring.
And thy life shine bright.

And despair for thee
If thou shouldst sorely grieve me
In thy deep despair.


12 responses to “Intro 4: Please Live

    • This is most kind; however I do not accept awards of any kind.
      And, I feel I must decline all nominations when I have a choice in the matter.
      I also do not participate in magazine or aggregation sites, particularly those involving poetry and/or writing.

      I very much appreciate the sentiment, however I must, very respectfully and with much regret, decline your very kindly offered nomination.


    • the sonnet that follows says it all, I believe. A young girl’s unhappiness grieves me so–any young person’s, but especially a young girl’s. I am perhaps wired this way, of course. And particularly if she is the cause of her own grief does it so pain me. Something I perceived long ago as a boy of less than 20 years. How ones philosophy can poison ones every thought and deed if it is inconsistent. This has always pained me so–particularly with respect to young girls. I have always felt it more tragic than with boys and men, perhaps for the reason I mentioned. Perhaps it is as simple as that girls are pretty, which makes them seem more precious and hence more tragic when in despair.

      I am not completely sure. Clearly, I must give it some more thought : )


    • You are always a joy, dear reptile, no matter what you do, or what may befall you. I have done this, myself at times. I once unfollowed and followed everyone in order that I might test a theory I had postulated regarding the guts of wordpress and how they function.

      (Although… I believe we know now, or at least surmise, that many dinosaurs previously thought to be reptiles, were not reptiles at all.)


    • I have always enjoyed the feeling of the hot sun in very very small doses. I well remember Phoenix: (AZ) after half a day in air conditioning, it feels wonderful, but I am so fair that I will badly burn soon thereafter, so I must once again scurry under a rock.


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