Sonnet I: What Is Lost

Readeth not these lines; they are not, young girl,
For thee. They are, to souls like thine, forbidden,
Though they may betray what hast thou hidden
In thine heart, these words should not unfurl

Thy feelings. Thou hast cast thy lot to hurl
Them, stealing–strong or even weak, amid
The squealing swine to be forever hid–
From thine own soul, unknowing, every pearl.

Readeth, thou must not, these lines; they do not
Describe what hast thou chosen. Even now,
Thine heart is frozen. Thou hast cast thy lot
Not winning life, but dreary death; for thou

Hast chosen strife, bereft of song and verse;
And all thy long tomorrows are a curse.

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Intro 1: If Only

Could you see in Spring
what I have seen in Summer,
you might have chosen

fulfilment in life
in Fall to better yourself.
And then, looking back,

you might even see
how desolate in Winter
your life might have been,

if you had never
made that fateful decision
on one Spring morning.