Polyethylene Glycol 3350…

…can be taken in a carbonated soft-drink without significantly altering its taste.  What is more amazing than this, is that in so doing, one does not alter the “fizziness” of the beverage in the least.

One must be careful not to mix it in too quickly, because it will foam somewhat; however not nearly as much as when other dissolvable substances are added to such beverages.

I had expected the foaming to take place, but I did not expect enough carbonation to remain afterwards.  Somehow the resultant mixture was little changed–even after all the agitation necessary to dissolve 17 grams of the the stuff.

Intro 5: A Delicious Wet Scrape

all cooked down…
like white cane sugar…

I curl my tongue around…
and swallow slowly…
I feel it slide…

like honey…
like something sweet…

caressing me inside…
all the way…


Intro 4: Fun with Homonyms


My head aches from writing today’s sonnet;
So much so, that I feel I cannot write
Its normal poetic introduction.

Have you ever heard the story of the
Man who was asked by a king to name his
Reward for having done his kingdom a
Great turn? He asked his king for grains of rice:
One grain, for the first square of a chess board,
Two grains for the next, and four, for the next,
This would continue to double until
All sixty four squares of the board were used.
The king agreed, perplexed that the man had
Asked for so little, for he admired
This man and did not wish to slight his deeds.


But, the man insisted, and so the king
Reluctantly agreed. He thought the man
Was being modest for asking little;
And mused, in a good natured way, that he
Felt he was getting the better end of
The deal. And his summoned provisioner
began to portion out these grains of rice.
The king knew not that this amount would be
Over eighteen quintillion grains of rice. (18,446,7000,000,000,000,000)

Today’s sonnet contains homonyms and
Parts of speech used as other such parts of speech
It has meanings so numerous, only
A computer could count them. However,
Only a human could pick the right one.