Sonnet: A.D. 1984

Why are all the Orwell jokes forsworn?
I think forgetting these is quite a sin.
I thought I’d see Big Brother T-Shirts worn;
And parties serving casks of Vict’ry Gin.

So, why is there not one Big Brother sign;
Nor pundits blath’ring on in TV Spots;
Comparing economical design;
Nor tales told of recent commie plots?

Perhaps the joke is just too cheap a shot;
That no-one of importance really heads.
Or maybe it’s that everyone forgot;
Er maybe’ts them what hardly never reads.

Whatever’s causing all (or none) of this.
I’m thinking what a wild time we’ll miss.


10 responses to “Sonnet: A.D. 1984

  1. I feel sure that had the internet been developed as an end-user paradise in 1984 the parties would have been absolutely wild! You would have been in demand for more than only one piece of poetry celebrating the year. You got off far too lightly, my dear. Look at what fun we had at the news of Derrida’s death and the parties we had on that date for a few years afterward. I even found some obscure online references by other netizens who were having their own festivities.

    Boy, that sounds bad…having a party to celebrate someone’s death. I found my voice again on a most uncomfortable day! ::blush::

    (Celebrating the death of a “philosopher”, no matter how loosely the word is used now, is a time honored and most proper activity. I will admit that it is most proper to celebrate it with a nice cup of hemlock but with modern “philosophers” like Derrida we must take whatever we can get.)


  2. I second the above comment. The recent crop of folk are sadly illiterate. Now, if I remember 1984 correctly, I was in Japan on a trip with my Samurai. The Samurai and the Wren were invading noodle houses, climbing Fuji, and talking to the stones at Ryoan-ji. When I made a remark about it being 1984 and such, I received a rather blank look and then, oh. yes. I did not like that book… So…I did not like it either and by 1984, much of my youthful tirades against Big Brother and The Man had faded into dust. although, with things as they are now, I think I am about to start up again.


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