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Although I am indeed able to write a sonnet in far less than 15 minutes, (I have written six months worth of these at least one per day, and) I find that typically I spend several hours on each one; although this may include research or additional constraints on the form. I could add a few more weapons to the arsenal of method, so to speak, that… Continue reading

Sonnet: Emblazoned

How radiant you were when you believed
That I would, in my innocence, remain
The same untouched, beloved child and gain
A balance none but you could have achieved.

How Beautiful you were when you were wrong.
What did you love in that reluctant child?
Perhaps you saw his brilliance or his wild
Emblazoned soul which you believed was strong.

I pitied you the moment when you knew
That there, before you, stood no tower of strength,
But just a fragile, though artistic child.
I pitied you the burning love which you
Incessantly embraced; and though at length,
A shroud to grace, you chose to live awhile.


Sonnet II: Earthbound

To Earth are bound my feet, though still they strive
For starfields, climbing to complete, on high,
A staircase wrought of air, while wond’ring why
This heartless Earth’s, unfair. So I contrive

To sing of more; a tale of how alive
My mind may soar! That takes my feet where sky
May go. But not where they may someday fly.

Although such possibilities arrive,
This island’s all the ether they may know.
And Earth may fall, though lush and beautiful
And built upon in ways of which I’m fond.

Yet when foregone, the Earth they may outgrow–
They’ll make a chariot that, dutiful,
Will show my children’s children the beyond.

This sonnet is part of a short sequence; click here to read it all:


Intro 1: “Creators 2: The Return… This time… it’s personal!”

It’s more direct now.
I Like this version better.
Much more personal.

It now has the punch
I wish I could deliver
With my own two fists.

What is that light, now,
Raging from the east? A sun?
Many more will rise.


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