I believe I have it!

“It” being most of the mess involved with merging all three sites into one.   There were some pingbacks that were completely irrelevant because they are referent to post that are now moved to this blog.   There may be a fair amount of links that need correcting; however much of this will happen when I go over the “blog” and “reflections” entries.

My goal is to move accompanying descriptive to the date wherein work is posted.   Hopefully I will be able to fix broken links then (if they are fixable; some are not owing to other blogs to which they point–you know who you are!)

The Big Merge…

…seemed to go off without a hitch.  My final step this evening has been to remove all the post from “reflections.”  I did have to modify a few elements.  Some menu items were duplicated, as were all three blogs made to look similar.  It appears that I could very well merge all three into one.  The same effect as before could well be accomplished with one blog and three distinct categories.  I believe I more fully understand the issue of “tags” vs. “categories” and would now have little trouble using both to accomplish this.
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