The Big Merge…

…seemed to go off without a hitch.  My final step this evening has been to remove all the post from “reflections.”  I did have to modify a few elements.  Some menu items were duplicated, as were all three blogs made to look similar.  It appears that I could very well merge all three into one.  The same effect as before could well be accomplished with one blog and three distinct categories.  I believe I more fully understand the issue of “tags” vs. “categories” and would now have little trouble using both to accomplish this.

I even noticed that there is a feature to show “likes” &c in search and category listings.  Not having needed to play around with this feature before, I barely remember setting its default behaviour and making sure it was set the same on all three blogs.

So, now there is one less menu item above.  Although there is an “About” page in the works, I have not yet bothered to link to it, since there is little there yet.  But it might contain, among other things, the long rhapsodised “Why I do not accept awards,” “Why I do not participate in rings or other groups,” and especially “Why I ignore writing publications of any and all kinds until they go away–particularly those involving poetry.”

I do so despair in writing my rather long refusals on that score.  It would be much simpler to direct people there, and, more to the point, perhaps people might stumble upon this information and save themselves the trouble.

Other considerations include subdomains such as “”  Since WordPress does not allow CNAME entries in their DNS settings which point to a sub-domain of a domain they are already hosting if they point back to a wordpress blog.  They would rather sell charge you another yearly fee for this.  It seems kind of petty, if, as is said, “you want my opinion.”  Still they have no objection to CNAME records pointing to subdomains hosted elsewhere.  Still, I’d perhaps rather run my own DNS and be done with it.  But I do think WordPress does a good job of integrating ones domain name very tightly.  So, in a sense, one can hardly blame them for wanting to “only do it the right way.”  They would rather do any pointing or CNAME records internally along with their tight integration scheme.

I suppose I cannot fault them for that.

And here… is where I hit the links button:

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