The Job That Doesn’t Exist | mishaburnett

Courage man! Just keep writing. Read what Anais Nin said about the subject. I think her words are far more elegant than my memory will paraphrase, however. In essence both these methods will “work.” The first, you write for others. Keep writing for them, and you will eventually find a market. The second, which dear Anais, thought better to follow herself, just write. Write for yourself. Keep writing. Publish yourself. Eventually people will come to you. But you must love to write more than anything else. By the time they come to you, you may not need them anymore, but still they will be welcome. The sound of opening doors is deafening. Anais wrote for decades. before any but a few knew of her work. Decades. Not years. Continue reading

And this does seem…

…to be one of those nights, as the saying goes. Tonight, I feel very much inclined to take the easy road, but the narrow gravel switchbacks with brittle crumbling edges seem to keep presenting themselves. Drafts keep piling up on top of my posts, spoiling my view of work I have already completed–vexing me at every turn.