Sonnet I: No More

No touch, no sleep, no rest, no love like mine
For thee, shall ere console me in my place
Of rest.  No more shall any weight of thine
My breast console.  No more, thy fairest face,

Within my whole creation be contained.
No more shall I awaken, feel my heart
And thine, and should not feel that there be twain.
Not rhythm, nor our beings, be made to part.

No more shall flesh be moved nor move mine own
By neither wish, nor thought, nor even touch,
To such a fervent height as we have known–
As only I and thou have felt this much.

Must I, in perpetuity, endure
No more, no more, no more, no more… no more….

This sonnet is part of a short sequence; click here to read it all:


29 responses to “Sonnet I: No More

    • Thank you kindly, dear lady. You look so happy in your pictures : )

      I thought since there is now a bit of a gap, I shall filter some of the older ones forward, and let them mingle as they will with the new ones. I am not sure if others do this. But … Well it seems to make some sense to me.


      for one thing.’s permalinks are not permalinks, because they change when you change the date on a post. Not sure such a thing should be called a permalink. This, though, is why I have usually used URLs which are in the form, site domain, slash “tag,” slash tagID. Those will always properly function in this default wordpress configuration, although there are other problems with them, if, for example, they are used to identify sequences, such sequences are listed from bottom to top. (because that is the order in which they are usually written, and hence posted)

      Keep smiling!


    • Please do read the whole sequence if you can. They do get happier. But thank you.

      These, I promise you, are no exaggeration of things. Of course, “happily ever after” is quite hard won. But no less wonderful. I am pleased that I am able to communicate it to a few souls. It helped me greatly when I was quite young to know by reading such things written by others that such happiness and depth were possible. The knowledge of it helped me to keep my faith in the most difficult of times. Which in fact, was when this particular one was written.

      Although I do not believe I ever put a date on it, I remember that time very clearly. It was a most lonely time.


  1. “Within my whole creation be contained.
    No more shall I awaken, feel my heart
    And thine, and should not feel that there be twain.
    Not rhythm, nor our beings, be made to part.”

    Wow! All your sonnets remind me of your secret that you once shared: “Love and perseverance” ! Keep going David, keep making our days with your beautiful sonnets! We are learning to love !


    • Thank you. Am I correct in my surmise that you are not yourself a native of Texas? So many of our close friends and colleagues have relocated there, leaving us all alone up here in the pacific Northwest (Portland, OR)

      I have long been enamoured of the name “Kathryn” and particularly that spelling of it.


    • You’re right—Richard and I moved here for his position in the University of North Texas College of Music just under five years ago, but we’d both lived the major part of life in the Seattle area. Love Portland! Wish we had the occasional 3-day weekend to get there for a visit as we used to do…. Very odd the way we migrate to different spots in life. It’s likely, given our roots and our left-coast leanings, that we’ll end up retiring to the PNW too, though it’s always fun to see where our adventures can take us.

      Glad you approve of my parents’ name choice! Mom was a high school English teacher before getting into the motherhood biz and had a bevy of favorite students one year, all with variations on the name; I’m pleased she/they chose a less common spelling, since I also ended up with a ton of similarly named classmates along the way. But then again, if I hadn’t been a virtual number among them I might never have tried to differentiate myself from all the Cathies (etc) by getting back from Kathy to using my full, and I think, much more beautiful given name. ;) You, by the way, have a given name of which I’m very fond, as it’s Dad’s! In fact, your last name is a good one as well, being close to that of my first grade school, Emerson. ;)

      Pleased to meet you!!


    • Likewise. Although David is my given name, Emeron is a Nom De Plume. I will leave it to you to look up its meaning : ) yet I must also confess that this meaning was accidential (although providential) I am not chaffy enough to have known such an ancient Greek word. (You may read my ‘bio’ page, such as it is, to find an explaination of “chaffiness,” if you wish : ) Being a scientist rather than a “humanities guy,” (as is my beloved Mrs. Emeron) my reason for choosing the name is technical. As my real last name is more ubiquitous than “Smith,” at least in search engine terms. I simply looked for a name that was not a name and not registered as a domain. It is quite that simple.

      Although… heh… because of the way our brains work–most of us–people who know me from this web presence usually address me as Mr. Emerson at first.


    • Re Portland, we actually moved here because we both love the rain, although the people here are most congenial. If we ever do move/retire to Texas as so many of our close friends have, it will no doubt be to the “Alps” area, as we also do love the snow and we get very little here. And neither of us are fond of the heat having both grown up–at least for a time in another hot area.


    • Thank you. How did you happen upon this entry in particular, I wonder? This sonnet in particular seems to receive more than its share of attention; so I find myself curious. You are most welcome here any time : )


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