In case you haven’t noticed, FAQ pages hardy ever contain Frequently Asked Questions. Rather, they seem to be questions that someone else made up at random. In the venerable tradition of FAQ pages that do not answer any questions that actually have been asked, nor provide any useful information regarding questions that people actually might ask, I shall compose these here.  (If there are actually questions that commenters ask frequently, I shall, of course, include them also.  But only as a courtesy, since answering actual questions is not the purpose of FAQ pages.

  • What is the released form of your Zanpaktou?
    • An all encompassing darkness surrounds my enemies feeding and magnifying their worst fears, draining them of all spirit energy.  All senses including touch are negated, rendering them helpless.  Any attempt to use their own weapon will result in grave personal injury because of their lack of senses.
  • What is the name and release of your Zanpaktou?
    • Her name is “Kurokumo.”  Her short release incantation is:
      “Demolish, Kurokumo! Shadowed Chaos, Black Spirit!”
  • Very well; but what is the full release incantation?
    • Her full release is as follows:
      “Deep shadow beneath the void!  Destroyer of all worlds!  Bringer of the Darkness of Black Death into the Light!  Demolish! Kurokumo!!  O Shadowed Chaos, Black Spirit!

4 responses to “FAQ:

  1. yes, we thought ‘Xerex IV’ was nice..and no, we don’t really have time to go around liking posts for the sake of it..that should not be the point of blogging :)

    …unfortunately we had to remove your comment from the photograph David, because the photographer had submitted the photo to us in the hope of showing and promoting his work and whilst your comment was of course positive we want to make sure the comments are all entirely related to the image itself so that the photographer can get the most feedback…we hope you understand what we mean.

    We have a page called “your thoughts” – http://hovercraftdoggy.com/your-thoughts/
    were we are happy to take any comments, feedback or criticism that is unrelated to the image posts.

    Our apologies and we hope you don’t mind.


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      Beware the fairy of the plague
      She comest with wry words but note her name
      Is writ much larger than any goal
      Upon the very parchment of thy soul

      Such characters inhabit the dire space
      That lurks between the earth and our fair hev’n
      The air is well polluted by her type
      Her friendship lures you in like a foul vice

      Thy innocence has something to be feared
      Thou should not trespass into land of fools
      A fairy who lends plague unto her name
      Must be for certain part of Satan’s game

      Forsake her , ere thy fortune be unsung
      Or else they happiness shall be undone
      Thou art a noble child indeed
      Forsake the fairy of the plague Godspeed!

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      How’er her knowhow may appear
      Methinks it doth evoke pale fear
      In retrospect I paid her dues
      Thinking I would never lose
      But now she speaks into my heart
      With whispered words
      That break apart
      And leave a tinsel in my gut
      And knowledge I’ve become the but
      Of her derision and cocaine
      My troubled soul is wracked with pain!

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      Who know’st? Indeed who knows’t?
      The worthy pedant to his rostrum struts
      Condemning ‘neath his feet the addict dust
      Whilst in his bosom quivering with glee
      His latest quaff-some potent filigree
      The high and mighty judge, he fallen quick
      The eastern power re-infuses us with thick
      Opiates by the score. To pay our due
      I know not what the fairy queen would do
      But I myself am lost.
      I cannot pay the cost
      The empire centuries we must surely rue
      The clamour of the press and its to-do!
      I leave the scene my friend for thee…Peruse!

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      And thank you so much for this most delightful verse! It has been the better part of a century, but still, your point is well taken. I shall be on my guard for mischief. (most hopefully looking forward to it, I should add : )

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      Ah but Sire
      Experience is a fine nettle-bed
      Of twisted briars
      And thorny scratching cuts

      I spake less from virtue
      Than from the sundered years
      Of ravished youth

      And name the fairy plague
      As but a vessel
      For my feelings of unhinged awareness
      Of a past misspent!

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      and quite beautiful, I hear. I myself am a yank, although I use a UK spell-check because I think it colours my anachronistically formed poetry and prose more appropriately.

      Mrs Emeron, on the other hand, hails from the UK. From… to be honest, British place-names confuse me awfully, but somewhere around the countryside there having to do with cheese, I think. Spelled one way and pronounced “Throat-Warbler-Mangrove”–or something similar.

    • 1 Vote

      Brilliant! Actually the Scottish names are even more confusing than the English ones! For instance Kirkcaldy is pronounced roughly “keerkaddy” Scotland is indeed mostly beautiful even in rain but some of the cities can be rather grey in winter! However a visit in the summer is well worth it. To really get the best of the beautiful West Coast you need to meander up it which sometimes means driving twenty five miles round a loch in order to progress a couple of miles North. Marvellous! On the subject of anachronistic prose – I once wrote a Shakespearean satire tragedy of a political organisation falling apart. Great fun. I made all these pompous far lefties into Lords and Dukes and Knights and princes. (Quoth he!)

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      Political Satire in blank verse Shakespearean style – maybe poem maybe play Maybe start with a tiny piece about something incredibly unjust and annoying and laughable? I can work on the comments box . If its easier I can do e-mail though it plays up sometimes.

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      Hmm. Interesting. This might be a tall order : ) still, I confess I have some interest, although you might be surprised as to my schedule of pecuniary and impecuniary projects as it sits right now. The email attached to this comment is preferred.

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      Hi David. I know I know I am a fool for thriviving on the creation of new work. However I do not think we can do this as a job It has simply to be a flow of response we can then post on our sites if we are happy with the results. It would start with an issue one other or both feel like parodying the perpetrator of ridiculous subjugation and self -justification for instance. Any way you are welcome to identify something and Ill send you a few lines and we can see if it takes off. It has to be free-flowing and spontaneous then when it gets somewhere we could review it. My e-mail is johndwmacdonald@gmail.com. Mark it and name it well as I miss them in the inglorious jumble of g-mail’s supposed intuitive system for losing everything…

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      I shall consider it; but you should know that for me, such decisions require a great deal of consideration, as well as generous helpings of “back and forth” and “getting to know you,” &c; therefore please consider continuing to breathe regularly in the mean time.

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      I agree. Any forced requirement would put a stop to it. I am only interested in something spontaneous enough to flow and that is why I suggested a short piece. It is fine if it doesn’t happen. You have evoked a rich seem in me and it will no doubt emerge somewhere! Many thanks John PS Do initiate something sometime in the future if you feel like it… Blessings John

      PS And like a Spaniel fresh from throwing itself on walls He fell!
      The up-ed and chased a nearby cat with glee! Tee hee…


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