Well, now that I’m adding links to allow readers…

…to navigate from oldest to newest, I think I shall have to reverse all my sequences back to the way they were before. It makes more sense to change it back, so now I’ve made even more work for myself!

My sweetheart gave me…

…a wonderful idea!  She mentioned that people hadn’t been looking very far back in time on the site.  She thought that was a shame.  That made me think along these lines:

“Well…” I thought to myself, “The site really is like a long book of verse isn’t it?”

“So,” I continued to think to myself, “Why not make it easier for someone to move through the work from the beginning?” Continue reading

I believe I have decided what should be done…

…regarding reposting sonnets on “sonnet blog” and “reflections.”  First, it seems that I should possibly combine these two  blogs into one, and separate the entries via categories; however about this I have not decided yet.   I have decided not to to repost sonnets on “sonnet-blog” any longer.   I  believe this dilutes any commentary or news regarding the site the accounting of which  I may want to be more readily available.  Although, not many people follow this blog,  perhaps, more might do so, if it had only consistent postings.
On the other hand, what I could do, it simply “stickypost” the most current actual post–one, on either companion blog, that is not either a reblog or a repost of a sonnet, but rather an actual entry.

Now that I articulate my thoughts in writing, I believe that is more along the lines of what I must do.  Then I am free to repost and reblog as I see fit.