My sweetheart gave me…

…a wonderful idea!  She mentioned that people hadn’t been looking very far back in time on the site.  She thought that was a shame.  That made me think along these lines:

“Well…” I thought to myself, “The site really is like a long book of verse isn’t it?”

“So,” I continued to think to myself, “Why not make it easier for someone to move through the work from the beginning?” Continue reading

I believe I have decided what should be done…

…regarding reposting sonnets on “sonnet blog” and “reflections.”  First, it seems that I should possibly combine these two  blogs into one, and separate the entries via categories; however about this I have not decided yet.   I have decided not to to repost sonnets on “sonnet-blog” any longer.   I  believe this dilutes any commentary or news regarding the site the accounting of which  I may want to be more readily available.  Although, not many people follow this blog,  perhaps, more might do so, if it had only consistent postings.
On the other hand, what I could do, it simply “stickypost” the most current actual post–one, on either companion blog, that is not either a reblog or a repost of a sonnet, but rather an actual entry.

Now that I articulate my thoughts in writing, I believe that is more along the lines of what I must do.  Then I am free to repost and reblog as I see fit.