This morning’s piece…

…is, once again, a new work, written, albeit more directly this time, and not from memory, from two much, much older works. Both of these were two quatrains of Octameter. This was approximately the correct number of words and syllables to make a sonnet. 8 * 8 * 2 gives us 128 syllables. I kept the rhymes, although I moved them so they would ring with each other in a manner more true. Also Added a few more; so that, in all lines, there are three rhyming words, but sometimes there are four. Continue reading

Also, today’s sonnet has named itself…

…as I found out this morning.   I had forgotten to give its default title of “Sonnet” and so I noticed.  “Oh my there is a post called ‘1914.”  I don’t recall making that one!  I wonder what it is?!?!?!?”

So I decided that since it named itself, I’d honor its choice of name.  So…   “Sonnet: 1914” it is!!!

I think now, that I would like it very much if my sweetheart were to suggest names for some of these unnamed sonnets that I might add in.  And perhaps I’ll ask some of you to suggest some?  That might be fun!

I have long thought that something happened to art–not just poetry, but all art–somewhere between the late 1890s to 1920. Continue reading

The entry for today…

…is the result of some very rough blank verse being converted to a sonnet.  I really didn’t go overboard here in my rhythmic adherence to the form.  I’m not sure what I think about the result.  This one hung around as a draft for a number of days.  I’d work on it absent-mindedly for a handful of minutes here and there and finally finished it a few days ago and placed it in the queue.

This method has yielded better results and easier results in the past, particularly when I was not certain the direction I wanted to go on a particular work.

I may do a bit–possibly quite a bit–of lucasing on this one because I am not completely satisfied with the result.  There is a level of satisfaction I consider to be a minimum requirement.  I needn’t think a particular sonnet shall move heaven and earth by its art in order that I might be satisfied in it; however I like to think I proficiently used all the various techniques that I intended.  If I do a complete rework of this piece, then I think I’ll leave this one alone and enter it as another sonnet–perhaps link them together.

We shall see.

The Big Merge…

…seemed to go off without a hitch.  My final step this evening has been to remove all the post from “reflections.”  I did have to modify a few elements.  Some menu items were duplicated, as were all three blogs made to look similar.  It appears that I could very well merge all three into one.  The same effect as before could well be accomplished with one blog and three distinct categories.  I believe I more fully understand the issue of “tags” vs. “categories” and would now have little trouble using both to accomplish this.
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