Sonnet: Emblazoned

How radiant you were when you believed
That I would, in my innocence, remain
The same untouched, beloved child and gain
A balance none but you could have achieved.

How Beautiful you were when you were wrong.
What did you love in that reluctant child?
Perhaps you saw his brilliance or his wild
Emblazoned soul which you believed was strong.

I pitied you the moment when you knew
That there, before you, stood no tower of strength,
But just a fragile, though artistic child.
I pitied you the burning love which you
Incessantly embraced; and though at length,
A shroud to grace, you chose to live awhile.


7 responses to “Sonnet: Emblazoned

    • But the subject herein did end happily. But as you might see, some of my youthful works, or reflections upon them can be sad. I spent much of my youth longing for my true love, and fearing we would be separated forever. But since we were able to find each other, and keep faith with each other, it’s not as sad for me to read the old ones. But they do bring back such memories.

      Ah, and see, how I am not working!!

      I really must now!


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