A slight improvement to sequence displays:

As I have been reviewing the site, I have been renaming my sequence tags to the actual names for the sequences in question.  I shall be moving the sequence links from a menu widget to a links widget.  Which shall give me a different set of options regarding the positioning i.e. the order of such links.

In addition, while I have not yet found a way to reverse the order of sequence posts so that they may read from the top down, I have discovered that inserting links of the form:


will start the reader at the bottom, and therefore at the first entry in the sequence.  This, at least, will allow the reader to scroll upward through the posts in date order–which, after all is the “normal” blogging order:  oldest at the bottom, newest at the top.  And perhaps, this is good enough.

This latest…

addition to a sequence, comes at rather a late hour, in more ways than one.  I have been preoccupied with a trip I am planning to take at the beginning of April, 2013–the first of such travel in quite a long while for me.  I found myself avoiding everything–including thought.  Still, tonight I had to see if I could push through it.  I am pleased to see that I am able to do so.  I have posted tonight’s entry which is now scheduled to go up on the 28th.  So the “addition” link will not be live until then.  The “sequence” link is good, but will not include the new entry until then.

The newest entry is a Reverse Spenserian with alternating rhyme at the first of the line–alternating similar sounds.  Plus a few internal rhymes as well.  The Reverse Spenserian scheme has a slowly metamorphosing rhyme sound scheme.  So each new rhyme is related to the last in some way.  And each alternative rhyme is related to its former by an addition of an ‘R’ sound added to the final vowel syllable.