Should I add a ‘like’ and other buttons on the main page?

I am not sure about this.  It does lend some convenience to the reader; however it does spoil the stark “all black” look.  Does anyone have any suggestions upon whether or not this is a good idea?

18 responses to “Should I add a ‘like’ and other buttons on the main page?

  1. Add buttons that are black with thin white font. Add “dude!” Button as well as like, comment, etc. The black will almost give a “clear” look instead of opaque/obstructed appearance. I’m gettin’ my haiku on…running’ like shimizu no aki.


    • I hope to do so in the future in a way in which the stark appearance is not disturbed. If I had my way now, I think I would also hid the categories and tags and substitute a “like” button next to the quiet little comment link.


  2. I sometimes do not leave a comment but to let you know I have been here I use the like button. So yes, I think you should and I agree that you can use the black with the white font it would look perfect.


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