Sonnets with embedded haiku and tanka…

…are more involved to write than most. Even in étude form wherein the subject matter is secondary.

First, there is form and reverse form to consider.
Next, there is the word count wherein lines and sentences need rephrasing.

This has been an odd week, but I feel I can continue to work on them now.   And then, perhaps, write a few more such sonnets without the use of the formulaic method of the Études series.

Never fear, I have not…

…disappeared.  I shall be resuming after a much needed respite.  I have, as some here know, been ill; although not seriously, still lingeringly!  Still it seemed an appropriate reward for my sixth month mark having been achieved–actually taking time to recover without undue stress on my body or mind.

I plan to resume tomorrow–or later this afternoon–with a new sequence.  This is the proposed “gateway to sonnet form,” or one might term it “gateway drug to sonnet form.”  I myself have so termed it .  My plan is to start with freeverse constrained only by being limited to fourteen lines and proceed from there, toward blank verse, and then lyrical couplets and onward from there.

I have not yet decided if it will be one piece continually evolving, or a series of pieces either related in subject, or progressing in a particular direction.  We shall see….

Sonnet: To the Muse

O Thou my Muse, reflecteth much Thy flame
That maketh words within me flow like fire,
Abating not, as torrents deadly spill;
Upending doth within me all transpire.

O Thou my Muse, as once I did disclaim–
And though I run a thousand miles away
And lock up all my pen and ink, and still
Without consent, so choose to disobey–

Yet never could I wrest myself, reclaim
My very life, for all was lost… in Thee.
And only once again Thy captive, will
I find such words as once had set me free.

Then with Thy fire tame me, O my Muse.
My quill and my desire are Thine to use.