Intro 12: All of This, Her Love

I strive within my heart and out through my hands
To soft your dreams on their way,
And to soothe your mind
That skips so quickly across the vast star-fields,
Never lighting
Upon any mote that might give pause
To the whirling dance
Of your thoughts that never stop
Even in sleep.

To wake you is temptation
But I never fall prey to simple illusion.
My desires bend all toward
Your peace.


完璧 – Explanation for David

perfection is seen reflected
in the blade of my sword

greens and golds
melt on the blade
with a thin edge of blue

snow swirling,
resting, melting,
white glimmers,
now red as it reflects
early blooms of quince

blood rust, sun gold
seasons change
shades of grey

glints of starlight and full moon
in the blackness after midnight

an ever changing picture
less than two inches wide

via 完璧 – Explanation for David.

Intro: Gene Roddenberry

Have now

I gone

To where


No man

Hath gone

Rest thou


In peace


Nexus « Roxi St. Clair

I am flying
in a holding pattern
that’s contrived outside
the space of time.

It’s from before
the ignition of the
first human fire,
before zero and
the powers of ten.

Above, below, ecumenical
it reflects its purpose
and mine.

The boundless cosmos
seems insignificant
for I am enraptured;
by empirical sapience
here, all is silent.

I breathe.

Steady is the sublimity
of my wings.

The thread of illumination
parallel to sempiternity –
navigates me.

Intro 5: A Delicious Wet Scrape

all cooked down…
like white cane sugar…

I curl my tongue around…
and swallow slowly…
I feel it slide…

like honey…
like something sweet…

caressing me inside…
all the way…