16 responses to “Sonnet: In Shadow

    • Whether for fun or profit, I do all my most productive work between midnight and dawn. This is largely why I cannot work for large corporations excepting on a contract basis. This nocturnal/circadian strangeness has kept me from interesting work, but also brought me even more unusual and interesting work as a result/consequence.


  1. The last two lines are wonderful! I sometimes suffer from sleep paralysis, which is a definitely a less romantic ailment. Nonetheless, it has its perks. I might be inspired enough to write about it perhaps in the future. Cheers! – D x


    • Scary! I have experienced that also. A very good friend and colleague of mine, also a mathematician, periodically experiences something called “exploding head syndrome.” I have not had the misfortune of experiencing that particular denizen of the night.

      And thank you for your comment…. Also, yes: anything taken from ones direct experience will serve admirably as a topic for any kind of writing. Do it!


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