Sonnet V: Thy Love

Thy love will heal all that which may be healed,
And nary harm the healed thou wouldst protect;
Although thy ranks are tempted to neglect
By conjurers the wounded thou wouldst shield.

For that thou know such legions incorrect
To ‘list; For that thy strength is thine; concealed
Amidst a century’s decline, revealed
This siege; so thou this web of lies suspect.

Thy legions racked and perished by the score,
Though others drawn and dead were legions more.
Yet still thy ranks would nurture love and joy,
That blameless thwart such frauds as bid thee hate:
And fiends who tempt thy power to destroy
Will chafe against thy power to create.

  • Dear RLK,
    Dare I bring thy
    Wordly spirit thence?

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