Kiss Me~Music Inspired | RL King:A Written World

Fold me into your deep embrace
I ask just once, I lower a mask, show a tender, timid face
A face of love and need and heart and trust
Ask for you once, before this moment scatters as dust

Lead me into a place of warm abode, a safety I’ve not felt
Into the places of you, I beg to melt
How a soul can feel this close to mine,
…inside, flushing heart through spine,
…slicing bone
Turning about in a turbine,
…mind, heart,
…spinning in high pitched tone

So lean into my breath and lips,
Flush with me, through all the colours that love shades and splits
While insides turn outward, and outsides in
Bring me close, to find we are both warm and safe within

Words have finished their paths, reached a scorching, fired end
Bring skin to skin,
…a heart thunders for every synapse that every nerve can send
This is what was written
…in every book since dawn of time
So now…not another word,
I need to make you…body and soul…mine.


Sonnet: Strength and Fear

What smile hast thou that moves me so to love?
What strength of heart, that moves thee so to smile?
Wherefrom thy strength–for I have none–yet, while
Thine own, hast brought me such abundance of?

My strength has gone away from me, my dove
Why then hast thou the art to so beguile
Those spirits, of those deaths, which, as my trial,
Belabour soul and heart? I strove, above,

To be the stronger spirit. Yet inspired
By strength–and by thy fear–it now becomes
My heart to strive for joy, or even higher–

Strive, though I have not the strength required
To strive–for such is when, thou must have come
Alive! And so we live again! But why?

Sonnet II: Long Foretold

But once, I watched thee once, from far away,
In hopes, imagined once, to earn thy rest,
While daring not to dare this sweet display
Were all for mee–that dare I be so blest–
That bid thou might, and bid me soon, this day,
Thy song, to comfort bid, thou once professed.

To hour, and blesséd hour, to lay in sleep,
But soft, in soft congeniality;
To fade, this dolour fadeth by the hour;
And touch, so light thy touch, upon mee keep.
So round, thy lighted circle, ’round us be
Reborn, so safe reborn, within thy bower.

And would I hold thee safe, and would thee well;
As children, long ago, would long foretell.

  • I answer she,
    who hath for me
    this place forever kept.

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