Sonnet II: Long Foretold

But once, I watched thee once, from far away,
In hopes, imagined once, to earn thy rest,
While daring not to dare this sweet display
Were all for mee–that dare I be so blest–
That bid thou might, and bid me soon, this day,
Thy song, to comfort bid, thou once professed.

To hour, and blesséd hour, to lay in sleep,
But soft, in soft congeniality;
To fade, this dolour fadeth by the hour;
And touch, so light thy touch, upon mee keep.
So round, thy lighted circle, ’round us be
Reborn, so safe reborn, within thy bower.

And would I hold thee safe, and would thee well;
As children, long ago, would long foretell.

  • I answer she,
    who hath for me
    this place forever kept.

This sonnet is part of a short sequence; click here to read it all:


6 responses to “Sonnet II: Long Foretold

    • My every desire has always been to give you ease.

      Thank goodness the years bring with them some wisdom so I can
      feel that I bring you more ease and less worry. For me, the time of dancing betwixt children, singing, husband, home, volunteering…etc., etc., trying to do it all well and feeling that I could never give my best to each. It was a real struggle even though it didn’t seem to show to anyone but you. You always knew the real and deep sacrifices and helped to bring me through to this safe place where I now rest. I will never be able to sing enough songs to thank you, Beloved. You kept faith through all. To have calmed your tears is worth more than the finest jewels of Christendom and the accolades of kings.


    • My love…..

      And still the oddest thing comes to my mind: The way you so very often strove to sound, and be, American. The way you fell in love with this land and its people, and the optimism you have always seen in them; and, how I have striven to sound and write in ways to which you would be familiar; not so much having fallen in love with England as having fallen so for you.


    • You have kept faith with me for all these long years.

      My belief in the spark that is unique to Americans is justified, I would say. You may fear, but you will still forge ahead because you know that there is no set destiny ~ no accepted limitation on your future ~ you are American and you carry a special and unique birthright. Born of such explorer types, you had no fear of enticing me into your dance of true love.

      Only the brave and restless decide to up and catch a ship to the end of the known world to hack out of raw forest a new home. Americans accept very different limitations than do those in the rest of the world. I love them! And I love you.


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