Sonnet: Taken

Anticipation shaketh down below
Wherefore I shan’t release thee shouldst thou call
Or even beg, as seem thou to prefer.
I feel thee, languid, try my binding crawl

With tense delight enveloping thee slow;
So push and crawl and twist thyself away.
That every moment my delight would stir;
And ripping, take my kill.  And thou:  my prey,

Imagine, over all our blood doth flow,
When deep within thy flesh my talons rake;
And to thy plaintive cry shall not defer
‘Til take my fill of all that I may take.

This predator… no… nary turn around:
Thou knew’st, though he prefer his prey face down!


26 responses to “Sonnet: Taken

    • Gracious me! Of all the entries upon which to stumble!!

      I do, indeed have my reasons, as my rather chaotic excuse for a “bio page” might show; and, as for the subject matter, well… after all, one cannot write of flowers and rain and love all the time.

      Thank you for dropping by, as well!


    • That is what we all seem to do for one another here on wordpress regardless of our respective content. I found it strange at first. Why, I wondered, would a post-modern deconstructionist marxist cowboy poet “follow and like” an Austrian individualist speculative fiction writer? However, now that I have been around for a while, I confess I find it quite charming.


    • People keep stumbling on this one for some reason! Although there are more here upon similar subjects, there are quite a variety of subjects upon which I have written. Some, as you say, as “edgy,” although I think it a rather ironic description for an offering written–however imperfectly–in 15th century English! Some are much, much less so, although a few are slightly more so.


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