While you were sleeping…

…I took an in-depth look at major and minor wordpress technicals, widget redesign and selection, and other new and improved ™ items.  As well, did I flirt briefly with a couple of “paid” features, the use of which I will not allow myself without setting some goal or other.
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“Dots” not disappearing, once again, in WordPress…

…again.  I have tried all manner of cookie manipulation/eradication.  “Nothin’ doin’,” so to speak.  Multiple browsers on multiple platforms both on Un*x and Window$ have this behaviour, so it appears that the Automattic boys have “fixed” something again… possibly….


I think I finally managed to ferret out the form for postID as a REAL permalink  that will continue to work no matter what happens to the post or where it may be moved.

upon further examination…

It appears that


will in fact work. I must have been typing something incorrectly in my experiments. It took me a bit of redundant mucking about to discover this fact. The default behaviour of an independent wordpress site is a bit different, and I admit that when compared to my dearest one I am notoriously poor at doing research; unless it is the real kind wherein one actually does ones own discovery and experiments–which is what, in fact, I resorted to in this as well.

One can even add


to the end and use the same link before it is posted (and which will do no harm once the entry is live) making it


In addition, one can add a bookmark in the form


with the dash instead of the equal sign followed by the PostId number, or any other bookmark


which exists or is allowed in the post, making it


This will… may… save me some effort although it is not all that difficult to create the unique tags I have been using. it tends though to bog down the whole process though. I wish the links would stick around after the draft is saved.

I am now investigating links of the same kind to pages. although this is not so important… and I have just now discovered that indeed this very same form works for pages. And in the case of wordpress blogs integrated with domain names, the method works as well. One can use both ones registered domain and the original wordpress blog name. Both will work. Hmm. Well, give me good old fashioned scientific method any old day.

The fact is that once one clicks “save” (verses the auto-save that happens automatically in the beginning) one must then construct the link oneself (from, for example, by editing the “Get Shortlink” link, or by copying the “Preview” link before one makes the post live.)  Evidently once one changes or alter the status of the publishing date wherein it no longer reads “Publish immediately” this link will no longer be listed and will instead be replaced by the default “permalink” which contains a directory structure involving the date of publication.

This post, for example can be accessed by using the following:

Try them for yourself!  I have tested them both logged in and logged out and they seem to function properly on the handful of machines I have surrounding me.

The downside of all this is that there appears to be no way for a non blog member to discern the PostIdNum.  It can only be seen in the dashboard area before one saves for the first time.  After that it can be unmangled from the “edit” links, but only if one is able to access these, therefore if one wants people to use these links, they must be provided in some way.  Which means that I should probably create some templates for this.


I have explored wordpress.org in my tiny sandbox, and while there are most certainly many possibilities…

There is a song called “Freedom isn’t free,” but just as true might have been written one called “Free isn’t free!” or even “Free is Endless Slavery!”

Still there are instances wherein I might recommend to a client to self host with open source software. For example, in the instance wherein they have quite a lot of “time on their hands,” so to speak, perhaps unemployed, and have found an adequate free or low cost host. But even this, I would suggest only in the even that their content is somehow in violation of wordpress.com’s terms. Because, for a free host wordpress.com is very good–although there are ‘buggy’ aspects of it as well.

I have recently hit my six month mark (180+ sonnets!!) and I have not yet decided how I shall reward myself for my diligence. Currently, I pay for very little. I have a domain (registered elsewhere) hosted at wordpress.com, and three blogs. It seems to me little point in paying additional fees for sub-domains so I only pay for davidemeron.com to point to my main blog. I may have purchased one other things, but oddly, it escapes me now.

I have been considering CSS access, for example, or one of the extra services to be opened up, but as of yet, I have not decided. If I ever felt I needed complete access, I would as the gentleman above mentioned, pay the $130 per year, and as is said “let the good times roll!” however at this time, I see no need for this. I do not anticipate my content being too mature, or some such thing.

And, as my work entails some quite technical matters, this, being a rather “worky” form of recreation is best kept simple. Even at that, it is difficult enough, and I have learned not to try to extend the ability of the site in non-standard ways, as such things require far too much tinkering.

Even my more mature subjects require no small effort to read. One would have to be rather determined to brand them mature. If my goal had been fame,, I certainly would not have chosen sonnets as my vehicle!!

Still, I do enjoy that some do happen upon them, and that they find them pleasing to any degree.

Finally Done

I believe I have finally finished updating all sequence links to the new “Link” format.  Previously, I had been using a custom menu widget, and had slowly but surely been redoing these links one at a time until just recently having finished the final link.  Now it is much easier to move sequence links from “coming” to “new” to “featured,” &c.  So…  I have finally dispensed with the old menu widget in favor of a new crop of “link” widgets.  I thought I would never get it done.  But it has finally been completed.

On the gripe side of things:  The Zemanta plugin appears not to be working any longer.  Did wordpress.com dispense with their relationship with Zemanta?  I really found it quite useful, and, if it is true that Zemanta is gone, I will mourn its loss.  But what can one do?