Sonnet IX: The Damned

Sell all your daughters and enslave your sons;
And pray they find a swift mortality;
Loot boys of childhood, strapped to bombs and guns;
And stone the little girls, once made you smile;

And close your eyes or turn your back; destroy,
Make hard your heart, to this reality;
Unclothe your helpless infant girls and boys
And mutilate them all; deaf to this vile

Lament; and let their wailing be the first
As worship to their god’s brutality;
Your agonising life and theirs is cursed;
Kindness… mercy… and love… are all a trial.

Unchained, you’ll wish a stranger peace and life;
Most likely on your way to stone your wife.

This sonnet is part of a short sequence; click here to read it all:


13 responses to “Sonnet IX: The Damned

  1. That’s very provocative [not sure “provocative” is the right word here]. Forceful! Learning from you the art & craft of poetry and writing sonnets! Thanks David for this blog!


    • They both are very interesting–as well as is King Ferdinand the Wise. But as for the folly I suggest in that two part sequence… well,… it is no more than that. It would make a delightful film though…. Had I some expertise and experience in the field, I would love to see it made.


  2. Really excellent. Very dark. I need to re-read it to grasp it properly. Incidentally, I write sonnets too. Try googling the phrase “no barbarous Australopithecine”


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