Sonnet VI: Sacrament

Remember thou, that shalt thou ‘ever be,
For all of time, mine angel, and my sweet
Respite, that cup for which my heart shall beat,
Superior in infinite degree

To all the finest grape, shall I decree,
May e’er become. And so shall I, replete,
Then worship from thine altar, at thy feet,
And pray that I shall ‘ever drink of thee.

So grant thou me, my sweetest love, this prayer,
And thenceforth shall I worship at thy shrine,
And never for thy succour shall despair
Within that safety, as our hearts entwine.
I’ll thenceforth drink of thee and then declare
That never shall, again, I want for wine.

This sonnet is part of a short sequence; click here to read it all:

5 responses to “Sonnet VI: Sacrament

  1. Nope. There is no comment I can make. I’ll just sit here and dab at my teary eyes and smile my sopping little smile for I can make no cogent comment upon such a blissful ending to the series.

    Dance with me? Maybe I can express the depth of my reverence through my own art — I certainly can’t do it with your art of words, my dear.


  2. Every time I read this I marvel anew at the path our lives have taken. I marvel how you have kept faith with me and at the great God, who knows our names, and has overseen it all. My beloved, my cherished One, I am blessed by your words.


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