Sonnet II: To Ease thy Longing

The way of this elixir is its balm,
So gentle; that, with artistry, would’ see
My mind and heart, my very soul, becalm;
As well it would, my sweetest love, for thee.

So gently should it wash away thy pain,
This gift of purest flavour doth recall,
As though it, soothing as a favoured rain,
Shan’t make distraught thy soul, that it may fall.

Forget thou not, my love, this cruel Earth
Gave art to elements wherewith may heal
Thine heart; which beat with sadness, yet with worth
And daunt, as doth an angel’s heart reveal.

Though haunted, all the lonely, even we,
May wash away our longing a degree.

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Intro 2: That which Heals

If this elixir
is the balm that, so gentle
and quiet, wouldst calm

my mind and my heart
nay, even my very soul,
my sweet love, for thee.

So gently shalt it
ease thy pain, as though a rain,
so soft, hath fallen.

This, of pure flavour,
shall not offer thee regret
and shall give but none

to thine heart; so warm
yet daunting as an angel’s.
Forget not, my love,

this cruel earth also
playeth host to elements
which may heal even–

in right proportions–
the loneliness, and longing,
we two have suffered.