Sonnet II: To Ease thy Longing

The way of this elixir is its balm,
So gentle; that, with artistry, would’ see
My mind and heart, my very soul, becalm;
As well it would, my sweetest love, for thee.

So gently should it wash away thy pain,
This gift of purest flavour doth recall,
As though it, soothing as a favoured rain,
Shan’t make distraught thy soul, that it may fall.

Forget thou not, my love, this cruel Earth
Gave art to elements wherewith may heal
Thine heart; which beat with sadness, yet with worth
And daunt, as doth an angel’s heart reveal.

Though haunted, all the lonely, even we,
May wash away our longing a degree.

This sonnet is part of a short sequence; click here to read it all:

9 responses to “Sonnet II: To Ease thy Longing

  1. I find the imagery in this piece holds me. It paints a place of holding…”becalming” as you said? A breathless pause…my words fail me once again; but, when I have the physical pain that I wait to have pass I find this piece can help my mind pause…


    • I am glad you enjoyed the link. It is a daunting process to write a reflection of each of Shakespeare’s sonnets. But I would venture that there is no better way for me to study them.

      The sequence of which the above sonnet is a member was written based upon a rather long freeverse I wrote when I was a very young man. I should really publish it in its original form. Originally I had intended to do so; however, in the end, I decided upon introducing each sonnet by writing a reflection of the the original work in Haiku form. Although the length of each introduction reflects the length of each portion of the original piece, there is not an exact correlation. And… not much time was spent on these introductions. The sonnets, on the other hand….


  2. Ah, my dearest love, the third quatrain strikes my soul with particular resonance tonight. It seems I can always find something to suit in your work.

    I am not what you like to call your “Happy Death Girl” tonight. I am so very saddened. One whom I love is passing beyond the veil and am not at peace. I’m not needed. My hospice chops are of no use to me tonight but your words…oh, your words! As so many times before I have your words. Thank you, my dearest.


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