Sonnet II: That which Dreams

How a gentle rain, a soft rain shall drift
Upon my lonely night, and bring me rest
Like story-book music, beauty at its best,
It singeth songs so lovely and it lifts

My heart as I rejoice its subtle gifts.
Such wistful dreams of peace made manifest,
I lay my grateful head upon thy breast;
And sleep, at last, while on thy love, I drift.

I love thee as I love the touching rain
Which maketh us this soft, prismatic night;
I love thine happiness, I love thy pain
That I may ease with rain—and quiet light;
I love thee dearly as I would restrain
My tears which fall like gentle rain tonight.

This sonnet is part of a short sequence; click here to read it all:

11 responses to “Sonnet II: That which Dreams

    • You are welcome! Yes, I think there’ s something about the rain that…attracts people. Not everyone, of course but I think it’ s fair to say there’ re quite many. And you have “knitted” this theme beautifully in your sonnets here there.
      Thank you for the link – I checked and…yes, the YePirateGunn had spotted it rightly. But then…he couldn’ t be wrong. :)


  1. I would like to say I love your blog and the wonderful and beautiful things you share as well as the inspiration and smiles you bring in doing so! Thank you for being you and I hope even if you do not accept awards you will accept the sentiment expressed as I honor you with one. There is no prize that comes with the award other than my appreciation and being grateful you are part of our world and making a difference by sharing in such a positive way…
    I have posted the award and link to it here I hope you will accept it or at least the sentiment behind it!

    With love,


    • Thank you so much. I do not accept any kind of award; although it does afford me some considerable regret that I feel I must decline them.

      Still, I feel as though your kind sentiments are more than enough reward for me. I have therefore changed the link to point directly to your most heartfelt site.


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