Intro 3: I Think I Now See:

How will evil fall?
Shall it be ground underneath
Purely distilled truth?

Truth and good and right
And beauty cannot be stopped.
Many will have died–

For this, gladly die.
For truth is all that we have.
Truth, and nothing else.

All beauty and right
All goodness and all kindness
Come from perfect truth.

Distilled by reason
Distilled by our harmony
With the truth itself.


10 responses to “Intro 3: I Think I Now See:

    • Quite welcome. I often hear/read/am told something along the lines of “Who’s to say what [good/bad/evil/beauty/&c.] is…” I think perhaps we hear it so many times that we all repeat it. But the question has an answer. Many many decades ago….

      …I was about to tell you a story that would have put this well into perspective. A true story involving a friend of dear Mrs. Emeron and mine. Then I thought better of it. It would have made it crystal clear; however it is not a very pleasant story. And I found myself suddenly reluctant to tell it, although I have told it countless times in the past. In any case, it puts a lie to such concepts as good and evil being relative or requiring perspective.

      The fact is, I think, that we all have such events–whether tragic or not–to draw upon that clearly make lies out of such ideas. Even when we do not have consistent and/or deeply developed psycho-epistemologies, when evil–or good–happens right in front of us, we know it for what it is. We know it when we see it. We know we know it. And we know we are lying if we mitigate this fact or we state that we do not.


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