Sonnet: Gone

Through countless centuries you’ve gone with me.
You’ve followed me from world to world it seems;
To other galaxies and into dreams
Of lands that never were or will not be.

Whenever from I call, you’ve heard my voice,
So ready to be taken to the place,
From which I, longing, called to you. Your face,
Alight with angels’ fire, so too, with joys

Of more, and greater, joy which was to come;
Of promised beauty that you knew you’d see;
Of past events whose fabric only we
Would touch; of futures, countless, and wherefrom
My dreams, if held alone, could not come true—
So meaningless, if not because of you.

17 responses to “Sonnet: Gone

    • I am most gratified that you have enjoyed it. Does it sound aloud as it reads? To you, I mean. I cannot read something without “hearing” it, so I do not truly know the inverse–how something reads without being heard. Poetry and prose sound the same, read the same to me whether I read aloud or not. But for many people, reading aloud is more effective because when they read silently, they do not hear the sound of the words. I often give this advice to people having trouble parsing or understanding a particular sonnet.


    • That sounds like a lovely method for reading either. I am told that one of the miracles of scripture is that even with all the translations and elucidations, &c. the message is always clear–always preserved, and available to those who so read.


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