Intro 6: The Rain

I so love the rain
Especially the monsoons
Which we don’t have here


4 responses to “Intro 6: The Rain

    • I have read they are amazing, Sir. The South-west Arizona area has a desert variety of monsoon rains. They are dense, heavy storms, sometimes the drops are so big and so many that one cannot drive in them because the drops are too many and too large for wind-shield wipers to have any useful effect. One must pull over to the side of the road and wait. Eventually they taper off to a lighter rain.

      But… the total rainfall during these rains is relatively small–nothing like in India, I would imagine.

      I would love to see India someday. I have traveled very little in my life. My sweet wife has been all around the world when she was much younger. The only country I have visited is Mexico. We now live relatively close to Canada and I, we, have not even been there yet.


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