Sonnet: Happy

Newborn, such loneliness should here remain
A silent secret not by choice revealed.
In pride, such bitter pain could be concealed
To hide the habit dark of the insane.

I now would choose to force such better days–
In forcing such, enforce a practice old
Of being happy; so to be consoled
By doubting not the wisdom of my ways.

In life, I pave the road of happiness
To happiness; I cover stones of grief
To see all anguished light through sombred smoke.
And so I go, and smile as I bless
The heart, as I would bless its bitter thief–
An next I die, on too much joy would choke.


Intro: Thief

More spring than winter
Because it is next of love,
More than first of year.

Every day takes me
In, and out, of everything.
I never doubt it.

And brings a lot more
Than it takes away from me.
It leaves me with love.

Except at the last.
One day, it will either give–
Or take everything.