The Male Form…

…as seen from my own point of view…

This sequence is posting at present is a celebration of The Male Form.  I believe it is complete as of this date–though one never really knows.  Its mirror image will post some time in the future.  As of this date, I still feel it to be an ongoing work, not having been rounded out, brought to cadence, &c.  There are possibly four more sonnets, give or take, in this distaff sequence.

One of the problems that I encounter with the writing of either sequence is that I can write endlessly on the subject of sensuality.  It is a subject on which I have thought in great detail and one which seems to me to possess an infinite number of facets.

I feel I would like to write more about the nature of such content, but I fear I would be misconstrued regardless.  I may do so at a later date at any case.  If I had more of an active readership, I could better compose such an essay as a reflection of whatever misconceptions crop up in the comment section–particularly in the members of the male sequence.  At this date, there are probably enough comments that it would be fairly easy to do this.  I am sure I would bore anyone to tears waxing infinite on such a subject.

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