Intro: Here


All your spirits are low
and the tears are hot
on your checks

then I would do anything
in my power
to give you peace.


If I could write today
if I could fool the Gods
as they sleep

into thinking that your voice
speaks through my hand
for one brief moment

to give you rest
to buy you time
then I would write today.


39 responses to “Intro: Here

    • My sweetheart will be pleased, you have said that. She is much better with words than am I, as she has a proper classical education, as I have not. These are her words, not mine. I have been having a difficult few days, I fear, and these are the words she spoke to me, and which she allowed me to type as she spoke (I do type almost fast enough to take dictation–one lucky break it is, that I learned this skill as a very young boy.

      The only part I had in this composition, was in arranging the words in the manner you see here, inserting the line breaks in the stead of excessive punctuation. Also, the second block of words she uttered seemed better coming before the first block; I reordered the two sections you see as well. Other than that, I had no part in this creation, however I will tomorrow or later this morning, write a sonnet as an answer to it.

      But I agree wholeheartedly that it is quite beautiful. Much seems to be making me cry these last few days, however this really “got the job done,” so to speak.

      Thanks again for reading it and seeing it for the beautiful thing it is.


    • Oh, my goodness, you actually posted the words I spoke!?!
      I do love you, my dearest husband — and my words as you took them down are my deep and true feelings — but they seem hardly worthy of your esteemed site as they were uttered while I was mostly asleep last night. (And I am sorry I wasn’t able to stay awake to keep vigil with you as I wished to.) I am truly humbled.


    • I don’t believe people are reacting to the poetic value alone but It seems to me that the truth of my words found resonance with others. They recognised the truth of the cry of my heart that night in those simple words.


  1. I really love this one David! I would like to comment on the sentence where you wrote you did not had part in the creation of it; You did! Those beautiful words came out of your sweetheart thanks to the love that`s connects you with each other. :) Sending you lots of blessings and hope you`re doing better David.

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    • I am now thank you. And thank you so very much for such kind thoughts and blessings.

      I am fortunate that my sweet wife did not object to my posting her words. They are such beautiful words, and I am glad she is not to embarrassed by what I did to them. On the technical side of things, she quietly spoke two groupings of words, separated by a minute or so. She truly was either mostly or completely asleep when she did so. All I did was to reverse the two groups and add the line breaks where they would naturally occur; the idea being to cut down greatly on punctuation that might be distracting in such a delicate piece.


    • I am well, thank you. I had originally sent a link (below) to a short post, but then decided that it was too impersonal and remote of me, even as sad as I was, and therefore followed up with a short note to anyone who here inquired after me. Such, because of the first link may have been filtered. If so, I am very very sorry to have alarmed or worried you.


    • I`m glad to hear you`re doing better David! And no need to say sorry `cause You`re special, so it`s very normal people would worry about you. But we could change the word “worry” to “special interest”… sounds nicer. :) Sending you a BIG smile and wish you and your wife a wonderful weekend!!


  2. I am sorry to hear of your pain, my dear friend. Thank you for sharing this. You are a very special person and bring light into many worlds. The love you share with the gentle lady is an inspiration and a promise of hope.


    • My sweetheart’s words exactly, my friend. All i did was take it down while sitting next to her in bed. (my fingers are like lightening in this regard) I rearranged the two sections you see and added the line breaks where they seemed naturally to occur. I wish I indeed could coax her to writing more, her gift with words as well as her classical education puts any abilities I have to shame, I assure you.

      She will claim that because of MS, she has lost much of that education: but i contend that she has more such gifts and more such education in her little finger, as is said, than that which my entire being may contain.

      In some ways, she makes even more remarkable connexions because of this; as, this condition has been with her since probably the age of 8 or 9, although only recently diagnosed.


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