Sonnet: The Hand of my Beloved

Thy hand hath stopped my fall and lifted me
To quell my tears, and cool my fervid cheeks;
Withal thy power hast thou known its plea:
To grant my heart this respite that it seeks.

Tomorrow, shall I write for thee, although
The Gods are neither fooled nor do they sleep,
But smile upon thee; surely do They know
I sing with joy their deeds an ne’er I weep.

But sweetly given me hast thou my voice,
And moved my spirit; for my hand is thine
To take thy gifted rest; though fear my choice:
That rest will fall to apathy’s decline.

Yet might for me despair make worse my plight;
Tomorrow, with thy gifts, for thee I write.


18 responses to “Sonnet: The Hand of my Beloved

    • Thank you very much.

      I had a thought: Sometimes people who write haiku tend to think in haiku. I am guilty of this myself. I thought your last sentence might be. But it is one syllable too long. Still beautiful though:

      Rain is pattering
      on my roof and is fitting
      background music for this.


    • Yes, but the prettiest and saddest is “Lorena”. And i think is more indicative of the South. It is certainly one we would sometimes sing as we sat on the front porch during summer nights of my childhood. Modern songs would always be tossed about but some neighbor passing and stopping to “set a spell” would often start it up or one of us.


    • Now I find myself wondering how I lived so many decades without hearing this lovely melody? Before I sought it out, I thought it might be something I had heard a time or two but as I researched it and listened to a few renditions, it became clear that I missed it completely somehow. Thank you very much. I feel as though my life has been enriched once again.


    • I’m not sure how much you researched, but it was a song both sides loved. My cousin has an old reel to reel (which has since been digitized) of her husband singing this to her when he was in Viet Nam. They played it at their 50th anniversary. I like the fact that we both have enriched each’s knowledge and feelings about things. It’s a good friendship.


    • I did not look deeply. Merely listened to a few renditions via youtube. One thing I did learn was the fact of its popularity among north and south, of which I read in the short descriptions the up-loaders had written.

      I feel quite the same way. I am very pleased to have stumbled upon you and your most interesting story and background.


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