Sonnet X: Sister

But cleft in twain my heart still yearns for thee;
I yearn to see the magic of thy smile;
I long to hear and see the dreams which we
Have always manifested; all the while

Denying to our other worlds the fact
That this discreet perfection had a name.
It lived, in every thought and deed and act
Which in our lives the other would proclaim.

It cannot be enough to kiss and hold;
For it is thee with whom I am in love.
I love not even life as much as thee.

I only dream of when I may behold
My sweet companion–whom I hold above
All earthly deeds–this sister who loves me.

This sonnet is part of a short sequence; click here to read it all:

19 responses to “Sonnet X: Sister

    • Thank you. This is an old one! One of eleven I penned (on paper, not just a figure of speech!) when quite young, as a letter to my beloved. Eight of them I thought were lost, but she found the letter with all 11 not long ago. Seemed fitting that they were recovered for St. Valentine’s Day. (Do you have that holiday where you live?)


    • And I just now realised, while reading these over, that this sonnet begins with two Shakespearean quatrains (ABAB) but ends in the Italian style–one of them, at least: (ABC ABC) I am not quite sure I was aware of this while I was writing it.


  1. It has been lovely seeing these words published here, my beloved. They are exquisite.
    I so well remember when ARPANET would have found such sonnets strange, to say the least

    (I had to teach the spellcheck to spell “ARPANET”. **Sigh**)


    I’m certain the next century with you will be as wonderful as the last. Here’s to telomerase inducers!


    • It has been nice to see that Sierra Sciences has a paypal link now! I remember all those years ago when I, ahead of my time, perhaps, tried to send them a modest sum via paypal. I thought I might buy lunch for a several of them, perhaps…. But…

      The poor nerdy biochemists–though, in their own way, quite “computer literate,” as we these days so term it–did not know what to do with it, and the payment regrettably expired.

      I recall people were suspicious of such things in those days. But… Shortly after that, paypal bought all their significant competitors, for example; and shortly thereafter, eBay bought paypal. Now everyone uses it.


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