To merge, or not to merge:

Now that the long trip has ended, I wonder if to some degree it would make more sense to merge this blog with the main blog–the one with all the sonnets.  On the one hand, I do like the starkness of the simpler blog with nothing but poetry.  But…  then again. it might be easier to keep everything organised if all the entries were intermingled.

I have not yet decided.  I think I will leave it all alone for now, however…   Perhaps, I shall put more explanatory entries along with the short introductions using the “<more>” tag.  This makes some kind of sense in that then the site retains its stark appearance while adding a tiny “click for more” style of link.  Think of it as being “under the fold” as in the old newspaper parlance.  It would most definitely make for easier management of such things if I choose, for example, to move things around.

On that note, I have, indeed, decided to move some things around.   I have learned from this last six months of blogging that (while still far from claiming expertise) it is better that any entries should appear on or after the day in which they appear.  The reason for this is that older entries even if freshly entered (in the manner of ‘backfilling’ as I have termed it) will seldom be read.  And, while it is not my primary concern…  still…   one wishes that those who might actually have some interest in an article or entry should have a fighting chance to happen upon it.  The way wordpress works, it is much more likely that such a person will see a current entry–or even be referred to it by a completely anonymous “like click.”  The act of clicking the like button on the entries of anyone we follow is a sort of phenomenon on wordpress, and it does truly lead to people who might actually like something to be more likely to find it.

So we all do it.  marxists, anarcho-capitalists, individualists, collectivists, everyone in between, and on every other spectrum as well do we do it, whether artistic, economic, philosophic, etc.  For this reason alone, it is worthwhile to use some form of “front-filling” let us say, rather than back filling, if we, as do I, have a pledge to write whatever kind of entry every day.   I have found backfilling to be less than satisfactory; and, early on, when accidentally I did some “catching up” by entering my latest sonnet on the day and hour I had written it, and then continuing to do that and subsequently moving the (slightly) older one back a day (and so on, as I wrote them) I found that such work as I posted was more happened upon, and consequently, more appreciated by those individuals as might be wont to do so.

This is why I shall change somewhat the way in which I do my “catching up.”  And perhaps, I should refer to it as “catching down?”  This would go well with the concept of “front-filling” as opposed to “back-filling.”

In any case, I am undecided what to do with this blog until then.  But I have resolved to include any analysis I may offer on the other side of the fold of my notoriously short and cryptic introductions.

I should now proceed to edit this entry.  But I think I am not going to do so just now.  No.  I think I shall do such correction after I become an object of derision rather than trying to head it off.

I have explored in my tiny sandbox, and while there are most certainly many possibilities…

There is a song called “Freedom isn’t free,” but just as true might have been written one called “Free isn’t free!” or even “Free is Endless Slavery!”

Still there are instances wherein I might recommend to a client to self host with open source software. For example, in the instance wherein they have quite a lot of “time on their hands,” so to speak, perhaps unemployed, and have found an adequate free or low cost host. But even this, I would suggest only in the even that their content is somehow in violation of’s terms. Because, for a free host is very good–although there are ‘buggy’ aspects of it as well.

I have recently hit my six month mark (180+ sonnets!!) and I have not yet decided how I shall reward myself for my diligence. Currently, I pay for very little. I have a domain (registered elsewhere) hosted at, and three blogs. It seems to me little point in paying additional fees for sub-domains so I only pay for to point to my main blog. I may have purchased one other things, but oddly, it escapes me now.

I have been considering CSS access, for example, or one of the extra services to be opened up, but as of yet, I have not decided. If I ever felt I needed complete access, I would as the gentleman above mentioned, pay the $130 per year, and as is said “let the good times roll!” however at this time, I see no need for this. I do not anticipate my content being too mature, or some such thing.

And, as my work entails some quite technical matters, this, being a rather “worky” form of recreation is best kept simple. Even at that, it is difficult enough, and I have learned not to try to extend the ability of the site in non-standard ways, as such things require far too much tinkering.

Even my more mature subjects require no small effort to read. One would have to be rather determined to brand them mature. If my goal had been fame,, I certainly would not have chosen sonnets as my vehicle!!

Still, I do enjoy that some do happen upon them, and that they find them pleasing to any degree.