Sonnet II: Myth

Who sang and wrote and played, whose life resists
All separation, whether said or done;
Who greater knew the fortune he had won;
Who held beyond all else, and who resists:

Has in eternity as though begun
A world in each brief instant such as this,
Has sung beyond each instant; as abyss
Has come and gone, but knowing only one;

And knowing only one, has come and gone.
Particularly captive, though as drawn
Up–shielded from this active count–gone forth
With all temerity; surmounting with
Intrepid fervour, boldly to his north;
Has come and gone; yet leaving only myth.

This sonnet is part of a short sequence; click here to read it all:


8 responses to “Sonnet II: Myth

    • Thank you, young sir! This is a more recent experiment stressing sound and rhythmic balancing techniques. Therefore the content itself is simply pried from my subconscious. Since these are in effect studies in sound, they are written very quickly. Perhaps 10 minutes on each one (now that I have a system in place and a template to start them.)


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