Sonnet V: Crystal

But here, my sweetest love, and now, I pray
That shouldst thou know, as sure as once thou knew,
That shouldst thou neither worry, nor construe
Of me, nor any kind of doubt, display,

That shan’t I, once I have returned, convey,
Though lost, as found, or never I withdrew
From out the safety of thine arms.   I do
Believe that thou shalt, ‘ever charmed this way,

Remain my fragrant, soul refreshing, wine,
Most perfect, thou, and  infinitely sweet;
And shalt thou be the crystal–and I think,
A vessel that, so finished and complete,
That Holiest of Holies,  made divine,
Thy beauty and thy grace–Wherewith I drink.

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Intro 5: Mine

But, hear me now, my
sweetest love, that thou shouldst know
with nary a doubt:

Once I shall have, to
thine arms, returnèd, thou shalt
forever be my

perfect wine, most sweet;
and thou shalt be the crystal
Wherewith I shall drink.