Sonnet V: Crystal

But here, my sweetest love, and now, I pray
That shouldst thou know, as sure as once thou knew,
That shouldst thou neither worry, nor construe
Of me, nor any kind of doubt, display,

That shan’t I, once I have returned, convey,
Though lost, as found, or never I withdrew
From out the safety of thine arms.   I do
Believe that thou shalt, ‘ever charmed this way,

Remain my fragrant, soul refreshing, wine,
Most perfect, thou, and  infinitely sweet;
And shalt thou be the crystal–and I think,
A vessel that, so finished and complete,
That Holiest of Holies,  made divine,
Thy beauty and thy grace–Wherewith I drink.

This sonnet is part of a short sequence; click here to read it all:

3 responses to “Sonnet V: Crystal

  1. ::blush::
    You write so beautifully.
    You think so beautifully.
    Of course, you live so beautifully and therein is the font of your beauty. You know how to gain the one white horse that many strive to obtain. Or is it a unicorn with it’s head laid placidly in your lap, my dear?


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