Sonnet I: Not Alone

I sleep and then I dream and then I wake,
And live and work and play from sleep to sleep.
And sleep again and dream, and wake, and keep
My hand, to pen, and psalm, and song; and slake

This lust I feel when, weak or strong, I make
Them manifest; I sow, and press, and reap;
And joyously, my vintage test; I weep
And laugh as, for one day, I quell this ache;

And thrill to share each cup with those I love,
And even those I may; though not in hope
That I might ever sway, or help them cope;
But merely seek them out; and deem, above
All else, they might not doubt that there was one
Who felt as they, when sleep and dream was done.

This sonnet is part of a short sequence; click here to read it all:

6 responses to “Sonnet I: Not Alone

  1. I love this!
    You have pushed my “progression of golden days spent in good work” button. It made me feel very happy whilst reading it. Quite a rush!

    Once again you have caught a pacing with your words that urges the breath and voice onward…hurrying just a bit…keeping rhythm with the imagery of the piece. Nicely done!


    • This was one of those magical ones that just came out without effort. I have written a few now about writing in and of itself, but I think this is a favourite–both the process of writing it and the fun of reading it again, not to mention the joy of your kind appreciation. I did not fully intend for the piece to push all the buttons to which you refer, but I should have known that it would have done so.


  2. It is a joyous thing for me to read this again upon this beautiful morning, my dearest companion. It sets me up in pace and rhythm – it moves me along in spirit and fortitude. In all, it calls to me to greet my own bits of “writing” with a will. To have such a muse and example is a blessing I will strive each day of my life to live up to.

    This urges me along my path. Thank you, kindly, for sharing your writings again in this format, Sweetheart. I am enjoying it.


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