It is not me:

But with some recent news I cannot bear to post just now.  I cannot even find the will to repost existing sonnets.  Finally, after a few days I have come around–come to the realisation that I could at least write a short post explaining this.

Death.  News of death.  News of impending death.  I am not a fan of death.  Such news takes me aback.  But…  It is not me.

Mrs. Emeron and I are fine.  Except for this difficult revelation.

12 responses to “It is not me:

  1. I am not sure if I am in the place to ask you what happened. But I have grown to like you as a person through your words so far. Looking forward to seeing you back on track and I hope you receive the strength to get you through your tough times.

    Waiting for you to color our lives again with your Sonnets.

    My best wishes and prayers to both you and Mrs.Emeron.



    • Yes true enough. Holiday blues then bad news. Hey that rhymes. Almost as though I am a p…..


      In any event, Mr. Curtis, it ws almost too much for me to bear this year. But…. I have weathered it and feel I am returning to myself in the latter days of January.


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