Sonnets with embedded haiku and tanka…

…are more involved to write than most. Even in étude form wherein the subject matter is secondary.

First, there is form and reverse form to consider.
Next, there is the word count wherein lines and sentences need rephrasing.

This has been an odd week, but I feel I can continue to work on them now.   And then, perhaps, write a few more such sonnets without the use of the formulaic method of the Études series.

4 responses to “Sonnets with embedded haiku and tanka…

  1. I find your experimentation interesting and intriguing. And in contrast, I find your true to form for such writing, to “follow the rules” equally as interesting. I like haiku and tanka for the reason of following “rules” and how much I can stretch them or push them. Being a bear of little brains, it is hard for me to rhyme, but tailoring words, seasons, moods – these seem to come more naturally. I guess it is the Zen thang – brain/no brain. wabi sabi.


    • I hope you will enjoy the latest subsequence. I believe, at the current moment at least, that it will be part of “Etudes” but be designated as Part II, due to its nature as all variants of terza-rima with embedded haiku/tanka.

      Best to you in these trying times.


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