Sonnet V: Whatever Thy Perfection Doth Require

I close my longing eyes; envisage thee;
Reflection manifesting not my hands;

Imprisoned lightning, countenanced with fire;
Shot through, withal, mine every wish commands’.
Extremity, thy tapered waist’s degree;

Impossible perhaps, if not sublime;
And yet, sublime, thy perfect form–admire
This hourglass that so-confoundeth time.

Nor could reflected shadowing foresee
Such helplessness within, as now I feel;
Restrained, regarding mine embraced desire

Ensnaring; captor, caught without appeal;
This weal of metaphor thy warder barred;
Imprisonment inspired such a guard.

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Online backups and other such things:

Strangely enough I have had a most similar experience! For me, it was something like 20 chapters–no laughing matter. It was painful, especially because I have taken measures to prevent such things. Still one cannot protect oneself entirely from ones own ineptness. However since then, I have taken a new approach with writing and saving–always saving a new and complete numbered copy of everything each time I sit down to work on an ongoing project. Writing does not take up much space, really and so having 100 copies of your manuscript on skydrive and other cloud storage as well as local, hardly makes a dent anywhere on ones 5 gigs of free storage.

Consumer level on-line backups are not something I recommend, because if one accidentally deletes a file or it disappears through some digital aberration, it will be deleted on the backup as well. Only if (as far as I know now, although it has been a while since I have checked up on this) one buys or pays for commercial grade backup is one truly safe because such services (as well as backup servers one runs oneself) really do save every version of every file.

I would use a consumer level online backup if it was very inexpensive, but only in conjunction with such as I have described above.

via Hemingway Never Did This – Charles Bukowski | WordMusing.

I have explored in my tiny sandbox, and while there are most certainly many possibilities…

There is a song called “Freedom isn’t free,” but just as true might have been written one called “Free isn’t free!” or even “Free is Endless Slavery!”

Still there are instances wherein I might recommend to a client to self host with open source software. For example, in the instance wherein they have quite a lot of “time on their hands,” so to speak, perhaps unemployed, and have found an adequate free or low cost host. But even this, I would suggest only in the even that their content is somehow in violation of’s terms. Because, for a free host is very good–although there are ‘buggy’ aspects of it as well.

I have recently hit my six month mark (180+ sonnets!!) and I have not yet decided how I shall reward myself for my diligence. Currently, I pay for very little. I have a domain (registered elsewhere) hosted at, and three blogs. It seems to me little point in paying additional fees for sub-domains so I only pay for to point to my main blog. I may have purchased one other things, but oddly, it escapes me now.

I have been considering CSS access, for example, or one of the extra services to be opened up, but as of yet, I have not decided. If I ever felt I needed complete access, I would as the gentleman above mentioned, pay the $130 per year, and as is said “let the good times roll!” however at this time, I see no need for this. I do not anticipate my content being too mature, or some such thing.

And, as my work entails some quite technical matters, this, being a rather “worky” form of recreation is best kept simple. Even at that, it is difficult enough, and I have learned not to try to extend the ability of the site in non-standard ways, as such things require far too much tinkering.

Even my more mature subjects require no small effort to read. One would have to be rather determined to brand them mature. If my goal had been fame,, I certainly would not have chosen sonnets as my vehicle!!

Still, I do enjoy that some do happen upon them, and that they find them pleasing to any degree.