Also, today’s sonnet has named itself…

…as I found out this morning.   I had forgotten to give its default title of “Sonnet” and so I noticed.  “Oh my there is a post called ‘1914.”  I don’t recall making that one!  I wonder what it is?!?!?!?” So I decided that since it named itself, I’d honor its choice of name.  So…   “Sonnet: […]

Sonnet V: 1914

See there, what are those pestilent that smother In the muck? And there, I see, ignored Within the mire, more are stuck; and Lord! Behold, one bunches up to bid another Well! Though unobtrusively, its brother It disdains with such a tell.  With bored Enthusiasm, one will slither toward A wretched thing as if to […]