The entry for today…

…is the result of some very rough blank verse being converted to a sonnet.  I really didn’t go overboard here in my rhythmic adherence to the form.  I’m not sure what I think about the result.  This one hung around as a draft for a number of days.  I’d work on it absent-mindedly for a handful of minutes here and there and finally finished it a few days ago and placed it in the queue.

This method has yielded better results and easier results in the past, particularly when I was not certain the direction I wanted to go on a particular work.

I may do a bit–possibly quite a bit–of lucasing on this one because I am not completely satisfied with the result.  There is a level of satisfaction I consider to be a minimum requirement.  I needn’t think a particular sonnet shall move heaven and earth by its art in order that I might be satisfied in it; however I like to think I proficiently used all the various techniques that I intended.  If I do a complete rework of this piece, then I think I’ll leave this one alone and enter it as another sonnet–perhaps link them together.

We shall see.

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